We focus on the details, the small things, so our clients don’t have to. Let PiE sweat the small stuff.

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About PiE

After many years working in the utility industry, I’ve learned that sometimes you must sweat the small stuff.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked with members of the utility sector on interconnect programs and projects. I have handled various levels of details from individual drawing design to managing the construction and manufacturing success of the project.

As an individual contributor, it’s almost unbelievable how much responsibility I carried and managed under the titles I held. It’s been an interesting journey. It turns out I have become excellent at many things: electrical drawing review, electrical calculation review, project management, procurement management, and just working with individuals.

This is how I can help you: if you need electrical drawings checked, and calculations verified, call me. If you need to know how far your program schedule is off and how to get it back on track, give me a call. If you need materials ordered, tracked, and delivery managed, pick up the phone, message me or send me an email.

I realize you already have enough hats to wear. I want to work with Clients who are ready for a fairly priced expert to handle the areas of their workload that tend to be inglorious, tedious, time-draining, and naturally take a backseat to other priorities. I will make sure it all gets done and gets done well.

My focus is on what will help Clients keep their focus on their highest priorities. It’s my passion and top priority for Power Interface Engineering.

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