We focus on the details, the small things, so our clients don’t have to. Let PiE sweat the small stuff.

Record Management

Finding organizational gaps in processes and programs. Reviewing and recommending based on Client goals and resources.

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As Pi Engineering, I understand the difficulty in keeping up and filing project information. I will help you organize your data in an efficient and understandable format.

For utilities, PiE will create detailed one-lines for all substations allowing for ease of communication between interconnecting utilities, marking points of delineation and rating information for easy interpretation. I have extensive experience in creating and tracking NERC evidence for Bulk Electric System assets.

Record management is vital to any organization training new employees and improving maintainability and clarity over time. PiE will review your system data, determine priority and hierarchy, and recommend a format and process for implementation.

PiE can work with existing record management software such as Vault and ProjectWise to clients using internal drive space only.