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Martíne-Denise Long

CEO, Professional Engineer, Project Manager, and Technical Writer

Martíne-Denise is the Founder & CEO of Power Interface Engineering (PiE). She has over 15 years of experience in the utility industry focused on substations. She specializes in utility coordination, standard engineering and design practices, substation construction implementation, and program planning development.

Representative projects include:

New Substation Construction: American Electric Power (AEP) Wildcat Substation, West Virginia, Martíne-Denise was responsible for the layout of the substation design, coordination of the electrical, physical, and protection and control design, acquisition of equipment, and lastly, the construction. She was also responsible for maintaining the project budget, design, and schedule. AEP MarkWest Hydrocarbon, West Virginia, installation of three substations. She was the project manager and lead project engineer coordinating communications between AEP engineers, property acquisition specialists, and MarkWest’s engineers and project managers. She was also responsible for the design and construction coordination for the three substations. She was responsible for acquiring the equipment for each substation as well. AEP Blacksburg, VA Project, installing five new 15kV square D feeder breakers in a 138/69/12kV substation and replacing some high voltage switches and jumpers. She took on the project after the initiating process was complete. The project included coordinating the design of the new installations, procuring the equipment, and coordinating the construction and re-routing of the underground duct banks. She maintained the project budget and tracked the project schedule. AEP Sandhill Project, West Virginia, installed a 138kV five breaker ring bus station at a 3-way termination point in Sand Hill, West Virginia. She was in charge of designing the substation layout, the project estimate/costs, schedule, equipment procurement, project construction coordination, and the technical communications with customers Mark West and Console Coal.

Martíne-Denise managed several projects while at Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA), the G&T provider for 23 Rural Electric Membership Corporations in the state of Indiana. As a Senior Engineer and Engineering Project Manager, she led and managed the design, procurement, and project tasks for WVPA’s Cooperative Members. She also directed and planned community information meetings. Martíne-Denise led construction contractor bid processes and provided detailed status reports to Cooperative Member Engineers, Operators, and WVPA Executives. These projects included:

  • Red Bridge Substation – Heartland REMC, replacement of an existing substation with a new 69/12kV 14MVA substation and radial feed with 4 circuit exits with Duke Energy interconnect
  • Brookston Substation – Carroll-White REMC, new 69/12kV 14 MVA zig-zag transformer substation with NIPSCO interconnect
  • Avon North Substation – Hendricks Power Cooperative, new 138/12kV 22 MVA dual transformer bank substation with Duke Energy interconnect
  • Stilesville Substation – Hendricks Power Cooperative, new 138/12kV substation dual transformer bank substation with Duke Energy interconnect
  • Brownsburg North – Hendricks Power Cooperative, installation of new 2nd 69/12kV 33.6 MVA bay with Duke Energy interconnect
  • McCordsville – Ninestar Connect, new 69/12kV dual transformer substation with Duke Energy interconnect
  • Anson North – Boone REMC, installation of new 2nd 69/12kV bay with Duke Energy interconnect
  • Enterprise South – Boone REMC, new 69/12kV 22 MVA substation installation with Duke Energy interconnect
  • Steubenville Substation – Steuben REMC, new 69/12kV substation installation with NIPSCO interconnect
  • South Central – Kosciusko REMC, installation of distribution capacity at 69/12kV substation in NIPSCO territory

Substation Upgrades: AEP Wolf Creek, Waterford, Ohio, installing a new 138kV bay at Wolf Creek Substation. The bay included a 138kV lattice structure, transformer, and 12kV feeder bay with circuits. She was responsible for the equipment layout, procurement physical and electrical design drawings, and was accountable for the project estimate/budget and schedule. Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) Peterson Field Project, Colorado, Martíne-Denise was responsible for replacing a transformer and recloser at a substation feeding Peterson Air Force Base. The key deliverables were the high side breaker, transformer, and switchgear unit relaying equipment. As the Lead Engineer and Project Manager, she led the equipment deliverables, project engineering, schedule, costs, and substation energization. She was also the overall project manager for this project. CSU Stratmoor Project, Colorado, installing a new 34.5kV bay at Stratmoor Substation. Coordination with procurement of all switchgear manufacturing and materials. Martíne-Denise was responsible for the mechanical and electrical design of the equipment, including a high side breaker, transformer termination structure, and switchgear. She established contracts with the manufacturing contractor for the switchgear and construction electrical contractor. Coordination between internal departments to meet the energization date. Oversight of the project costs and schedule. CSU Kelker Expansion Project, Colorado, Martíne-Denise began this project as the project manager in August 2013. She was involved in the initiating and planning process of the project in 2012. During that time, she was the project engineer and project manager. Under her direction, the 230/115kV 280MVA autotransformer replacement project portion was completed in December 2013. She was also responsible for signing off on the remaining easements acquisitions, approving the construction contractor, monitoring the budget and schedule.

Highlight Program: CSU NERC Disturbance Monitoring & Recording System Program, Colorado, Martíne-Denise was responsible for installing monitoring equipment at eight Colorado Springs Utilities Bulk Electric System (BES) generation units. The installed equipment allowed for disturbances to be recorded at the generator to validate results.  Several entities within the CSU organization had a vested interest in the monitoring equipment used. Generator Owners had to comply with NERC MOD-026 and MOD-027. Transmission Owners had to comply with MOD-033-1 and PRC-002-2. The equipment to be installed produced the evidence necessary to prove compliance with standards MOD-033-1, PRC-002-2, MOD-026, and MOD-027. As part of this program, she led multiple teams of experts. These teams included a Monitoring Equipment Team, PLC Equipment Team, Telecommunications Team, Electrical & Physical Design Team, Scheduling Team, Financial/Budget Team, and Security/Safety Team. All units received monitoring equipment before the NERC deadline.




Years’ Experience

15 years


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Ohio University

Professional Licenses & Certifications

  • Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, Professional Engineer License #PE11900785
  • Ohio Board of Engineers & Surveyors, Professional Engineer License #PE.85866
  • Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Professional Engineer License #PE.0057856
  • Project Management Institute, Project Management Professional License #1690424
  • Safe Engineering Services & technologies ltd. Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Fields, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis (CDEGS) Level 1 – Certification

Professional Affiliations

  • National Rural Electric Association, (NRECA) – Associate Member
  • Power & Energy Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (PES-IEEE) – S0 Chair
  • Standards Association, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SA-IEEE) – S0 Chair
  • Women in Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (WIE-IEEE) – Member
  • Young Professionals, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) – Member
  • Engineering Ministries International (eMi) – Volunteer


Martíne is always available for side collaborations and talks nationwide. If you want to chat about your plans, pain points, music, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.