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‘How’ is PIE a Liaison?

‘How’ is PIE a Liaison?

As Power Interface Engineering, I provide a unique service for my clients, operating as a liaison between them and other entities. Outside the typical function of a project manager, I extend beyond stakeholder communication. I connect with interconnecting entities in the production of scopes, facility agreements, and CIACs.

Connecting between solar company to municipal, municipal to IOU, REC to G&T, solar company to IOU, solar company to REC, or vice versa, I specialize in effectively communicating amongst all associations. I apply expertise gained over the past 15 years working at the industry’s IOU, municipal, G&T and REC areas.

I realized very early in my career that if I could first understand what each entity needed, what their ultimate and milestone level goals were, I could create the best scope, schedule, and budget to suit all parties and make the project successful. What each entity may only know in part has always been my job to understand in whole. It’s where I genuinely enjoy functioning, unveiling the realities that constrain them all to reach a successful outcome. It’s my happy place.

my happy place

So, what about your company? To whom are you interconnecting that you’d like to improve communication and drive your scope? Find out what PIE can do for you.

Acronyms explained:

CIAC – Contributions in Aid to Construction

G&T – Generation & Transmission Provider

IOU – Investor-Owned Utility

PIE – Power Interface Engineering

REC – Rural Electric Cooperatives

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